See Which Type Of Girl Is Best In Bed: No 3 Will Shock You

Which type of girl is best in bed?

Based on my personal experience and research the type of girl who’s best in bed are the slim and tall ones. To to be more specific, the ones that have done amazingly well with me are the dark or brown girls.

Moreover, further research have proven that whether she’s white, brown or black, a slim and tall girl is best in bed. I regard them as fire and will rock your world any day, anytime.


They have a unique feature which I call: INSATIABILITY.

You just can’t figure out how to best satisfy them.

That’s why having sex with this type of girls often involve different sexual positions and even the use of manpower to last longer than usual.

The idea behind all of this is to figure out which sexual position will either make her orgasm fast or make her give up completely and admit you’ve won.                               Because sex with slim and tall girls are tagged to be a competition…

…one whereby if don’t impress as often as possible, you are most likely to be cheated on.

And as you may already know, one of the reasons women cheat is the inability of their partner to satisfy their sexual urge.

If you can’t make a girl cum, your relationship is already at the edge.

So consider discovering how you can sexually satisfy any woman in bed and have her take you by the hand to have sex with her next time.


A few men have revealed the types of women who are good sex partners.

So in addition to my introduction, allow me expand your knowledge  on the type of women that would grace your bed and rock your world.

5 Types of Girls That Are Extremely Good In Bed And Will Make Any Man Crave For More

Which type of girl is good in bed

1. Brunette women 

Nothing turns men on like a brown or blonde woman. Those brown thighs can make any man with sexual arousal want to penetrate them or do something silly and romantic to them.

It’s as if everything turns brown men into sex percussion instruments. Most of the men I interviewed confirmed that brunette women boost their libido, which makes them horny most times.

Trust me when I say brown skin girls are one of the type of girls that are best in bed anytime. And this is because the direct attraction felt towards them initially makes the act fun and very very exiting.

2. Fat woman 

According to some of my guys, fat women are so intimate during sex. Their soft bodies radiate eroticism and respond quickly to sexual activity.

Based on my personal experience, I think this is very true.

I can’t really think of a way to  best describe the feeling of being with fat women. But it feel like being wrapped with a duvet and thrown inside the pool. I don’t know if that makes sense but that’s how I feel.

That aside:

The reason I rate them very highly and happen to be third on my list of the type of girls that are good in bed is this…

Fat women responds to fore plays differently.

They often get in the wet mood pretty quickly which puts them in the best condition to be penetrated.

In summary, fat women are easily aroused.

And this makes the copulation act less complicated, warm and sweet.

Further interview and testimonies have also revealed that these women climaxes easily and one sexual act or sex round makes their sexual appetite disappear…

…unlike thin women who happens to be very difficult to satisfy sexually.

However, the negative side of fat women is that they are very passive in bed. (Not all, but most of them)

That’s why they are often regarded as “dead wood”

Many fat women often believe that the act of sex is primarily the responsibility of the man.

So in most cases, She’s just lying in on the bed, frozen like a corpse, expecting you to do all that’s needed to done. 

All she can do is make sex noises to prove that you are not having sex with a real dead body.

3. Talkative women 

Some men say that women who talk a lot attract them.

These women are generally nice to them and sexually turn them on. They also say that having a chatty wife will make sex more fun.

These type of girls can also be regarded as

“The One Who Likes Dirty Talk In Bed”

And the reason they part of the type of girls that are good in bed is the way they express themselves verbally.

Their choice of words makes the act very very interesting…

You’ll hear something like: Yeaaaaaah! Hit it right there… don’t stop, don’t stop… hard haaaader… ohh yeah and others I can’t mention.

Like I insinuated earlier, girls like this can get any man in a sexual mood just by speaking as they’re smooth talkers.

Plus, they love to get wild and dirty in bed with different sex positions to play with.

Lastly, you want to be as determined as you can in the language and be ready to satisfy. Also remember to measure your limits and don’t go too far.

4. Older Big Mamas

There’s something that comes with having a woman who’s bigger and older.

These type of women are often married and referred to as “sugar mummies”

They crave good sex more than gold and silver.

Primarily, what makes this type of women good in bed is their level of cooperation during the act in other to come out very satisfied.

Based on my research, these type of women are very good in bed because their body size is cushioning and sexually fulfilling

Older big women play fair, soft and long romantic sex. They often have all the time in the world for you to roll over them the way you want.

5. Short women 

Men salivate over hot short women. They say little women are good in bed – especially the busty ones.

The reason why this type of girls are judged to be good in bed is  due to their flexibility and range of motion.

In the words of a friend of mine who goes by the nickname STRIKER:

Petite girls are easy to place in various sex positions (they cannot break).

Unlike tall girls, especially the thin ones who can be clumsy and vulnerable (they can easily break and fall apart anytime)

Still wondering which type of girl is good in bed?


6. Women without makeup

When a girl appears without making on a regular or for a sex encounter, it makes foreplay very easy and interesting.

They are the type you can confidently kiss and lick all through…

…as well as penetrate with your eyes open and with the lights on.

Without doubt, men are blessed with the ability to crave, identify and appreciate good things.

So when a lady appears without make up and a man still crave her, it shows she’s damn pretty.

In other words, they are not the type who hide behind makeup just to make men perceive them as beautiful…

…and when they had to wash off the makeup for the occasion, they turn out to be something else and also likely to switch the man off.


I have noticed that penetrating a girl who suddenly turned out to be ugly during the occasion affects arousal.

In most cases, men in such a situation will act selfishly. They’ll just rush things to get it over and done with, that’s if they’re kind enough not call it off.

One thing you must know is that simple and natural women will stimulate men sexually. Whereas women with make-up irritate and compensate for someone’s sexual thirst.

And like I insinuated earlier, the thick layers of makeup take a toll on sexual stamina.

This is because sex starts in a person’s mind as a fantasy and portrays women with heavy makeup as fake and plastic.

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Over To You.


Which type of girl are you practicing with right away to confirm my assumptions?

…is it the brown (blonde) type or fat girls? (Comment below)

But Sincerely:

Since I was born and now I am getting old…   I have seen a girl that has made me feel so incompetent like a slim and tall girl.

I couldn’t really keep up until I used this man power which increased my stamina and made me lasted for over 72minutes that night despite how fast I was going at some point.

I can also recollect how you screamed when i introduced the thrusting techniques I just discovered as at then.  I felt like super man after that encounter.

Here’s where I draw curtains on which type of girl is best in bed you wanted to know.

Now, before you go:

Let me know the best type of girl you’ve had and the one you will be trying very soon.

Feel free to share your thoughts via the comment section below.

Thanks for stopping by, and also share this article three times; I’d appreciate that.

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