6 Amazing Secrets On How To Satisfy A Woman Sexually In Bed

Do you want to know how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed?

Well, I can confidently judge your response to be Yes…


What you probably don’t know as a guy is that you can turn your love life with your favorite woman into a steamy “sex experience”…

And in this article, I will be revealing to you dark strategies that when you apply it, your woman will often be the one to lead you to the bedroom because she wants you to have sex with her.

With this guide, you can also learn how to satisfy a woman in 60 seconds, or rather, give her shattering orgasm that will last that long – something which is very uncommon.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the tips that will not just help you discover how to satisfy a woman every time or giver her a 60-second orgasm...

…but will also help you be the lover she always wanted you to be!

First of all, know that women are naturally much more orgasmic than men.

It can be a blow to your male pride, but the point is, your partner is capable of different types of orgasms and even multiple orgasms.

The sad part is that many women miss orgasms for years just because the man they are with doesn’t know how to satisfy them.

When you learn how to make your woman cum – and most importantly, how to make her cum multiple times – you’ll become the star of her show – and you yourself will be filled with unique excitement…

So let’s get into it now shall we?

6 Tips On How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed.

how to satisfy a woman every time

1. Start by romancing them.

You might be thinking, “Oh no, not that feminine romantic stuff,” who has time for that…

…but the truth is, romance melts a woman’s heart, and when she feels loving towards you, she’ll feel safe and want you a lot more.

This means that your chances of getting the sex you want and desire increases dramatically.

And you know what? – Romance doesn’t have to be difficult.

A simple note in her drawer indicating how beautiful she is and how much you value her will count as much in her mind like that of a diamond ring given to her (well, almost!).

A call during the day to remind her that you are thinking of her will make you play in head throughout the day.

And an unexpected trip for dinner or a weekend will make you their local Superman. Things like this makes when you come home from work more than dinner on the table.

2. Get into kissing her passionately

Before you start making love with her, keep in mind that the level of her arousal directly impacts the level of pleasure you feel.

This is why it is important that you take the time to activate them or get them 100% in the mood before approaching the intrusion. It doesn’t have to be difficult either, it just requires some simple things which kissing is part of.

Just kissing alone could get her tremendously wet and ready for some action.

3. Do the things that you love to do.

Which considering this. ensure that it’s things that she will enjoy.

One of them could be simple massage techniques – the touch you give it can be light and loving.

Start by massaging her shoulders – you don’t have to be a seasoned and award winning masseur.  Just a little touch at the right places will bring her closer to you and which in-turn melt your tension and gives you the confidence that you need.

And always remember that the closer she feels to you, the more likely she is to melt into an orgasm when you have sex.

4. Move on to her belly, back and thighs.

While doing that, I am sure you already know where it might leads… but don’t hit the spot just yet.

Run your hands close to her Vagina as if you want to thrust her with your fingers and change things immediately. You can go back to kissing her at this stage.

Primarily, what you’re doing is this:

You are delaying her expectations and the pleasure she’s most likely craving for and this make hold and drags you even closer.

When you start noticing signs like this, then she wants you inside of her. But don’t go in just yet.

Check out yoni massage techniques on the internet if you want to give her a great orgasm with your fingers she will be in heaven (” yoni “is a tantric sexual word for the vulva).

You probably moan when you hear the word “foreplay,” but it really matters. Lots of foreplay helps her reach orgasm – 20 minutes of foreplay means she cums nine out of ten times – which means a satisfied and happy woman, great sex, and a better relationship.

And what does this mean in practice?

5. Ignore her vagina for now

…ignoring her vagina directly in the procedure, caressing, fondling and kissing her, creating sexual tension and teasing her until arousal.

Well – cums who  first? Is it you?

Bad idea because when you come, you lose interest, the sexual tension goes down, and it never comes.

It’s just too much effort to get there after you’ve climaxed on your own.

So change things: put your women first!

This way, she will always be aroused when you are enjoying your pleasure and she will welcome you into her horny and hot body which makes things much more pleasurable and satisfying for you.

Do you have a problem that lasting as long as you want? Here’s a solution for you.

6. Make her cum first

Making sure your woman climaxes first before thrusting is one of the best ways to satisfy a woman every time in bed.

Let’s face the facts:

Very few women achieve orgasm through oral sex, they need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm – and that just doesn’t happen during sex.

However, for your own pleasure – and most importantly hers – you might want to stick with it or keep going even after she has had an orgasm.

Therefore, a good idea to last longer is to stop moving if you think you’re about to release.

Stay still for a few minutes until the urge goes away.

I bet that If you keep practicing this, you will find yourself holding on more in no time…

… and of course, if you stick with it for longer, she’s more likely to have an orgasm a second time which will make her go wild.

How to become a great lover and satisfy a woman in 60 seconds or make her have a long shattering orgasm.

How to satisfy a woman in 60 seconds

1. Determine the required time for clitoris stimulation.

One of the skills to be a great lover is to be able to gauge how much time to spend or put into stimulating her clitoris.

As you may have noticed, too much stimulation can disrupt her arousal and what’s worse? – even be painful.

If she devotes too much time and effort to her clitoris, she will quickly become desensitized and she will not feel anything.

So you want to identify not just what to do, but how long you should do it. This is very key determining how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed.

Moreover, the best way to avoiding desensitization during sex is this:

2. Let her tell you when she has had enough!

The thing is, Women often complain that men don’t know what they want during sex…

…but the point is, we are not mind readers and women have a responsibility to tell us what they need.

So, If she tells you to calm down, go to her G-spot and come back to her clit every now and then.

3. Hit The famous point G.

There is no doubt about this anywhere in the world.

One of the ways to pinpointing how to satisfy a woman sexually is to hit the G-spot.

No matter what happens, you just have to find it. Even if you have to swim through the Red Sea, go ahead and do just that.


This is key to giving her that unique exquisite sensitivity.

The G-spot can be the fastest way for a woman to get aroused…

And whether you use your penis or your fingers to stimulate it, it can give her an orgasm very very quickly…

…especially if you also have a finger (or your mouth) on her clitoris as well.

Here’s how to search for the G-spot

When using your fingers, look for a small raised area just inside the vagina on the front wall while she lies on the back.

When you find the treasure, experiment with different shots to find the ones that will make her moan with pleasure.

Or you can find a lovemaking position that stimulates G-spot very quickly.

The best technique is that she sits on you while you lie on her back.

This gives the liberty to move around freely and find the position that gives her the most of pleasure – this obviously gives her a better chance of reaching orgasm and everybody is happy.

4. Don’t be in a hurry to penetrate

Above all, do not cling too much to the penetration to make her cum.

For most women, the best route to orgasm by far is cunnilingus – oral pleasure.

You may find it surprising, but study after study, women have said it is their primary means of achieving orgasm.

They love it a lot more than sex, although it can be rewarding because of the sense of belonging and connection it conveys with their partner.

It’s like having a deep and meaningful conversation.

When giving her oral pleasure, be sure to use many different movements to determine which one she likes, but not all at the same time.

Consistency and pace are important – once you’ve found something that works, move on.

And when she’s nearing her climax, don’t speed it up – it’s something men love, while women generally want the same rate of stimulation until they climax.

So ensure you are not selfish and rushing things just because it’s what you would appreciate.

How To Satisfy A Woman In 60 Seconds


according to thrillist

 It is definitely possible for most women to be able to get off in 60 seconds or even less– but you have to understand how this stuff works, experts say.

Dr. Carol Queen, Good Vibrations’ staff sexologist, says orgasming in under a minute is contingent on three key factors:

  • how easily orgasmic you are to begin with,
  • how turned on you are when stimulation starts, and…
  • whether the stimulation is optimized to provoke orgasm in the first place.

“Orgasm is a reflex,” she says, “but it’s the culmination of a physical process that includes gradually building arousal.

For some people, that will mean less gradual than for others, and someone who’s already very turned on either because they’ve been making out, doing something else that arouses them a lot (exhibitionism for exhibitionists, for example), or are WAY hot for their partner will start out much closer to orgasm than most people are when they begin having sex.”

There you have it.

Simple tips to make your woman cum every time you have sex. They’ll help your relationship grow and develop and you’ll have a lot more fun in bed.

Feel free to add your tips on how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed every time.

Lastly, I just want you to know get something real quick:

It’s almost impossible to satisfy a woman in 60 seconds guys without the help of tools such as the Womanizerand the hi —  

Don’t be selfish by just satisfying yourself and leaving her wanting more. Needless to say, this is the primary reason why most women cheat; lack of sexual satisfaction.

However, you can always make her have an orgasm that will last for as long as 60 seconds by following the tips I shared above.

No woman would leave you for another man if you can do that – all other things being normal.

If fact, she won’t be able to keep her mouth shut due to the repeated excitement she get after sharing a bed with you…

…and that’s how she’s unknowingly gets you multiple advances. Because a day will come when she’ll spill and talk about you to someone who can turn the earth inside out for a 60 seconds lasting orgasm.

Don’t forget to share your own tips on how to satisfy a woman sexually in bed via the comment section.

Note: Your comment should be based on your own personal experience. In essence, I am requesting you share your sex story on how you manage to sexually satisfy your woman by making her cum.

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