3 Best Thrusting Techniques That Will Guarantee Orgasm During Sex.

In this article, I would be sharing joyfully with you the best thrusting techniques out there that won’t just make you last longer…

…but will help you fully satisfy any woman you go to bed with at anytime.

I will be sharing with you different thrusting techniques or methods. And all you have to do after reading this article is do some practicing based on the knowledge you’ve gathered to discover which works best for you.

It probably won’t surprise you, but hardly do any man takes the time to think about the methods he uses during sex.

I remember when I had sex, before learning all the “cool tips” and ways to give women multiple orgasms, I never thought about my techniques.

And when I thought about the way was penetrating, I just assumed, “Either way, it doesn’t matter how I drive or go in” …

How wrong I was.

One of the things I discovered on my ‘journey’ to becoming a great lover is that the techniques you use during sex can make the difference between having her orgasms more than 3 times or that she doesn’t feel a thing.

So if there’s only thing you intend to get from this article, it shouldn’t be anything other than this:

Experiment with different thrusting techniques each time you have sex.


Once you start experimenting, at some point, you will be shocked to come across different thrusting techniques that will consistently drive her crazy.

And as you keep experimenting, you will discover more and more amazing penetration techniques, and eventually you will have a nice collection of thrusting methods to choose from every time you have sex — which you know will lead her to orgasms.

Now let me be a little clearer on what I mean by ‘thrusting techniques” that drive her crazy.

Meaning Of Thrusting Technique

Thrusting techniques or methods are how you slide in your penis in and out during sex.

Most men take the fast all-in-and-out approach without changing pace, speed, depth, or timing.

But you can be different here.

Mix up the rhythm, speed, depth and timing of your penetration.

Go a little fast, then a little slow.

Go a little deep, then a little shallow.

You get the idea.

But you can also be a little more advanced…


Before we get into the business of the day, allow me walk you through the various patterns of thrusting you need to know.

2 Important Patterns Of Thrusting Methods During Sex.

1. Shallow thrusts

A shallow thrust or penetration pattern can be used to increase a woman’s arousal by simply inserting the only the head of your penis in her vagina.

It’s one of the best thrusting technique out there…

This penetration pattern helps men last longer because when most men go fast by pressing deeply and then pulling out completely.

…Which can can be very exciting for most men as the head of the penis hangs out against the entire vagina…

This is because:

…the Frenulum – which is the part of penis located just below the head, is the most sensitive area of the penis.

2. Deep thrusting

As you may already know deep thrusting involves going all in…

…and this thrusting pattern is very exciting in a woman because it pushes all the air out of the vagina and creates a suction.

You can also place your pelvis directly over her clit so that she can rub her clit against your pelvis.

However, how can you combine short and deep punches to maximize your lasting strength and excitement?

It’s simple.

All you have to do right now is study the image below and practice it often.

Thrusting techniques


Note: You don’t have to master all thrusting techniques at once.

However, memorizing like two techniques and practicing it on your next sex adventure won’t be a bad idea.

So let’s get to it now shall we?

The Best Thrusting Techniques That Will Guarantee Orgasm During Sex.

best thrusting technique

1. Slow increase in depth and speed

Women love to build, tease, and anticipate.

Showing and inserting your “thing” deeply once you start having sex is not a good idea for a woman (unless you already have a history of raw physical attraction and extraordinary pleasure. In which case, you must be breaking these rules from time to time).

Like I said, women love to the excitement and pleasure that comes with build ups.

A good way to do this is to start sex by inserting your penis into her vagina to an absolutely minimal depth and very slowly.

Then remove it again.

Next time go a little further and a lot faster.

Then remove it again.

And repeat the process to get progressively deeper and faster.

All in all, it’s a pretty slow process and takes a few minutes to get to the full depth.

And because of all the stimuli and expectations you’ve generated, she’ll enjoy your deep moves ten times more than if you started deep straight away.

2. Slow and shallow with sometimes a slower deep pull

This is another great pulling technique that she can use to appreciate your deep pull.

If you do this right, you can make her shake when you go deep inside.

How it works is pretty straightforward.

Usually you ride very shallow, about an inch or two deep.

Occasionally, for example after every 10 presses flat, apply a very slow pull all the way down.

Due to the contrast to all the flat features she just felt, she will feel like you walk all the way.

It works well.

And don’t forget to go deep just once, then go back to a dozen shallow presses before you go back to deep.

3. Taoist thrusting technique

taoist thrusting techniques


The Taoist spent much of his time learning “the art of the chamber” – learning and developing the style and depth of penis thrusting.

They believe that by performing these “bedroom arts” you can stay healthy as well as enjoy a long life.

According to the Taoists, if a man learns to vary his penetration technique during sex, not only will he only last long in bed…

…but will also increase the pleasure of that of his partner significantly…

Moreover, these techniques are easily adaptable for men who are new to these methods.

Practicing different forms of pressure can help you determine what your partner prefers.

Changing the pressure allows a man to maintain his erection longer because the pauses during the penetration decreases his arousal.

You can stop reading here, and still go home with the best thrusting techniques you can use to make your woman orgasm every time.

6 Amazing Secrets On How To Satisfy A Woman Sexually In Bed

However, the kicker here is this:

When you are both aroused and your partner is sufficiently lubricated and you want penetrate her…

…ensure you are not fully inserting your penis all at once. Don’t do it for any reason in the world.

Instead, just ensure a little more than the head of your organ goes in for a start.

At this stage, you want to keep it very shallow. shots when you start hitting.

In other words, your penis shouldn’t move more than an inch in any direction when you’re penetrating.

You should also keep these movements slow and deliberate.

The idea is to make sure that your penis always stays near the entrance of your partner’s vaginal canal when you are thrusting.

…and this will be extremely exciting for your partner.


This is because the area around the entrance to the vaginal canal is the most sensitive for your partner…

…reason being that the clitoris and the G-spot are located at the entrance of the vaginal canal a the woman.

Below are a few additional benefits both of you can get from applying this thrusting technique.

This gives you both more time to really enjoy the sex session as you are forced to slow down and enjoy the pleasure.

You can easily use your hands to stimulate other parts of your woman’s body with more skill, such as:

stimulation of the clitoris.

or stimulating her nipples and breasts with your fingers without losing your thrusting rhythm. Which of course depends on what sex position you are in.

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, this is a great way to last longer.


Forcing yourself to slow down and not push too deep or too hard makes it easier for you to learn and understand your feelings and your climax thresholds in relation to when you think you want to ejaculate.

This is because you are minimizing the number of muscles used in the body under pressure and also avoiding the heightened feeling of arousal that comes with strong and deep penetration or thrusting vigorously.

Furthermore, If you have a larger than average penis, this technique can also be adopted successfully.

This is because you are forced to slow down the thrusting pressure, which gives you more control when applying deeper pressure…

… and further preventing you from accidentally hitting your partner’s cervical wall too hard.

However, if you feel like you have an average penis or one below average, this is a great technique that allows you to focus less on size and more on stimulating the areas that matter most to many women.

For your partner, this technique is a great way to initiate sex as it relaxes and turns her as well as gradually prepare for deeper thrusts.

Don’t forget about the thrusting patterns:

For example, after a few short strokes, you can then go for a deep thrust, or two or three, depending on your mood.

What’s more?

You can also add variations in terms of angel or positions for more pleasure.

Sometimes you can stimulate your partner’s G-spot by thrusting the tip of your penis against the top wall of your partner’s vaginal canal.

Keep in mind that not all sex positions are perfect for this type of thrusting technique.

One of the best positions to do this technique effectively is having your partner lying on her back on the edge of the bed while you stand or kneel on the side of the bed to penetrate.

The idea is to find a position where you can move slowly and shallowly and do all of this without losing your balance or feeling like you’re flexing every muscle in your body.

This is especially important if you have premature ejaculation. You need to make sure that your posture is completely in a relaxed state.

Aside that, It also depends on what you want to do while thrusting…

For example, if you are looking for space between you and your partner where you can use your hands freely to stimulate other parts of your body, you then want to a pick a sex position where you are not lying on top of your partner (as in the missionary position).

However, you can adjust the missionary position to sit up straight and kneel on the bed. And make your partner more comfortable, you can put a pillow under the buttocks.

By introducing effective techniques like the ones above during sex, you will ensure that you and your partner have a more satisfying intercourse session every time.

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Over To You!

Which penetration technique are you practicing right away?

is it the Taoist thrusting technique or the slow -increase in-depth and speed. (Comment below)

In terms of thrusting patterns, 8 shallow thrusts and 2 deeps has worked very well for me over the years.

Let me know which does the magic for you, or the pattern you are willing to try as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to share your insights via the comment section below.

Here’s where I draw curtains on the best thrusting techniques you can adopt to make your woman go wild.

Thanks for stopping by, and also share this article three times; I’d appreciate that.

Lest I forget:

Thrusting techniques

Experiment with different thrusting techniques each time you have sex.

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